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Web & Graphic Design

The Wireless Design Studio is an established web design company, with a friendly, can-do attitude, based in Bromley, Kent.

Do you need a new website? Or would you like to get an existing one updated and refreshed? We’ll guide you through the potentially confusing terminology and processes, and build you a new, WordPress-based site with all the functions you need, that’s also mobile-friendly and accessible. Oh, and it will look gorgeous as well!

We’ll help to get your message across in clear, jargon-free language, supported by professional-looking images, and give you plenty of information and choice at every stage, making the whole design process genuinely collaborative.

To complete the package, we also offer photography, illustration and graphic design, creating logos and printed promotional materials of every type.

“I cannot recommend Wireless Design highly enough – creative, accommodating, diligent & incredibly patient! ”     

Sara Starling – voice over artist and client

About Us

Web & Graphic Design
Web & Graphic Design
Pete Rawlings spent many years in professional audio, before switching to visual design, via a course at the Design College, Australia, and going on to start the Wireless Design Studio in his home town of Bromley, Kent.

He still retains an interest in audio and music, and when not poring over a design on his Mac, spends hours on the guitar or double bass.

Cheryl Gabriel is a photographer whose work has appeared in the Guardian and Daily Telegraph, as well as other print and online outlets. All the pictures on this site are her work, and you can see her full portfolio, at www.cherylgabrielphotography.co.uk.

Photography is her passion, and she is rarely seen without a camera.



Beautiful, easy to navigate, fully responsive designs


SEO-friendly, WordPress-based designs


No need for stock images - bespoke pictures to enhance your project



Adobe Photoshop editing


Promotional materials to tie in with the design of your website


Logos & business cards

Adobe Illustrator editing

Domain Names and Hosting:

We don’t offer domain names and hosting ourselves, but we’ll help you sort through the sometimes bewildering range of packages on offer, and find the one that is appropriate for you.

If you currently have a DIY site that needs replacing, it might be necessary to move you to a new hosting account. If so, we’ll talk you through the process, carry out the transfer for you, and make sure you can keep your chosen domain and email names.

If any of these concepts are unfamiliar, click here for our simple guide to the terminology.


Each job is treated individually, and we’ll thoroughly discuss your requirements before providing a quote. As a rough guide however, prices start from:

  • Websites – basic sites from £350.
  • Logo design – from £50.
  • Business card design – from £50.
  • Basic website, logo and business card package – from £400.
  • Photography – from £70.
  • Website maintenance – prices on application – see below.

Website Aftercare

Getting a website up and running is the start of something rather than the end, and all sites need occasional maintenance, to keep the content fresh and ensure that security fixes are up to date. However, this won’t necessarily cost you anything – we offer to make occasional, minor changes free of charge, and in addition, if there’s a simple aspect you’d like to be able to carry out, such as writing a blog or updating a calendar, we can provide instructions so you can do this yourself.

Of course, there’ll also be times when you need more major changes, and when these occur, we’ll always provide a full quote before starting any work.

Most importantly, as your business grows, your website can grow with it. There’s no limit to the additional pages and functions that can be added, or to the ways in which the look of the site can be changed to reflect the latest styles and design trends, so there’s no danger of obsolescence.


A Selection of Recent Websites

SP Aerial Video is a newly launched company offering drone-based filming. We designed their website to enable them to showcase their work, take bookings, and provide background information for clients who might be considering aerial photography for the first time.

We’ll be staying fully involved to develop the site as the company grows.

Site design: Pete

Photography: Supplied by the client.

Visit website
The SP Aerial Video home page

Thanks – this is exactly what we were looking for, and you made the whole process very easy.

Stuart Prandle, Director, SP Aerial Video

Student Brass is a resource website for beginner brass players. Many of its users are children, so a simple, intuitive design was essential, presenting a wealth of material – more than one hundred and fifty windows, containing practice exercises and backing tracks – in a way that is easy to understand and navigate. We also included a shopping cart, so that copies of the Student Brass book can be bought from the site. Logo and business card design completed the package.

Site design: Pete

Photography: Pete

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The Student Brass home page

Thank you so much – our new site is even better than I dared to hope!

Margaret Rawlings, Director, Student Brass

The King’s Church Stowmarket commissioned a new website and complete redesign of their logo and visual material. The site went live in 2015, but we have continued to be involved on an almost weekly basis since then, proactively developing it and managing the Calendar and Resources pages to keep them continually up to date.

Site Design: Pete

Photography: Stock photography

Visit Site
The folks at the Wireless Design Studio provide an excellent service. Their creativity, skill and experience have produced an excellent website which has proven invaluable for our needs. Their dedication to customer service and satisfaction has been very helpful, and their commitment to ongoing improvement and development really does add excellent value.
Trevor Haynes, Pastor

Authors Greg King and Sue Woolmans needed a website to accompany and promote their book, The Assassination of the Archduke, which contains new research on the shooting of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, and was written to mark the centenary of his death, and the subsequent outbreak of WW1.

As the book is published in new countries (currently Brazil, Poland, Portugal, Russia and the USA) we add the relevant language options to the site.

Site design: Pete

Photography: Historical archive

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A screenshot of the website
I bought a DIY package to start with, but it was frustrating and time consuming, and didn’t look very professional. Then Pete showed me what could be done, transforming it within a few hours. A few days later, he’d completely redesigned it, and built a new, bespoke version. He knew what I wanted, without me having to tell him, and he was full of ideas. He is a web designer of vision, and also kindness, who guides you through the minefield of the internet and its processes that had completely baffled me.
Sue Woolmans, Author

Stowmarket Town Pastors is a voluntary project, run by a group of churches in the Stowmarket area, which works with the local authorities to provide a friendly, calming, Christian influence on the streets on a Friday night. Their new website enables them to keep in touch with supporters, recruit new members, and raise funds.

Site design: Pete

Photography: Supplied by the client

Visit website
The Stowmarket Town Pastors home page.

Thanks again – everyone was very pleased with what you have done. It is a real success!

Tony Ciorra, Stowmarket Town Pastors Committee

Comedy juggler Steve Rawlings has a successful show business career stretching back more than 30 years, and has performed around the world, to audiences that have included heads of state and royalty. His new website allows him to showcase reviews and videos, and make his CV and pictures available for promotors to download. As he performs in many different countries, the site is available in a variety of languages.

Site design: Pete

Photography: supplied by Steve

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A screenshot of Steve Rawlings
Fantastic job – 10/10!
Steve Rawlings, Comedy juggler

Brent Advocacy is a charity which helps disabled people to overcome communication difficulties when dealing with local services and other organisations. The site, built around a series of simple illustrations, had to be extremely easy to navigate, and accessible to people with a range of disabilities, including visual impairment, so it features large fonts and buttons, strongly contrasting colours, and a minimum of visual distractions.

The news pages are written and managed by the charity.

Site design: Pete

Illustrations: Stock illustrations, with additional drawing by Pete.

Visit Website
A screenshot of the Brent Advocay website.
I was really impressed with Pete’s level of professionalism combined with his much needed patience and understanding of dealing with people who had ideas but no clue as to how to put them together. He really ‘got’ what we wanted quickly and took on board the accessibility issues we requested and we are very happy with the result.
Bryden Sedley, Brent Advocacy Concerns

Recent Photography

A great website requires professional-looking images. If you don’t already have suitable pictures, we can help provide first class photos of your workplace, team or product, as well as supplying unique artistic images to make your site stand out from the crowd.

Graphic Design – recent promotional materials for printing

Logos, business cards, letterheads, ads, flyers, posters, pavement signs and more …


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… for a chat about what we could bring to your project. Our office is in Bromley, Kent, but we’re happy to travel around London and the south east for a face-to-face meeting.

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